Just because you went to the Philippines for the summer, ate isaw, drank San Miguel beer, hung out at one of the Ayala malls, or rode the jeepney, all of a sudden, you think you’ve become a true blue Filipino. Tunaynapinoy.com is here to tell you that there’s more to being a Pinoy than just having a drop of Filipino blood in your lineage. And that it goes beyond spending summer vacations in the Philippines as well.

We here at
Tunaynapinoy.com will show you what it takes to be a real Filipino, (in case you aren’t one yet). We are a guide for the Filipino-blooded foreigners who have never set foot in Filipino soil but are curious to know what it is like to be Pinoy. We aim to help enrich the knowledge of those who care enough about their heritage. And we guarantee you that there is so much to be proud of.

Tunaynapinoy.com. For the Filipino in you.